Socially Acceptable

I currently work within the e-learning industry and I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before (mind you I don’t deal with multiple languages), let me introduce Babbel.

Babbel is a subscription based learning service, unlike Rosetta Stone and various other providers where you have to buy the leaning modules out right. I’ve been trying to learn French outside of work and have been taking one e-learning lesson per day (or trying to at least). Babbel has been perfect because the subscription fees are low in cost and you have a whole community of people ready to meet you and enhance their/your learning, I’ve already got a French learning buddy who is progressing quickly with his English and helping me with French.

If any of you are learning a language, I recommend you try this first over lessons in a classroom and other software packages…oh an it’s also available as an iphone app. I’m sold.

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One Response to Socially Acceptable

  1. Marvin says:

    Hello Samantha.

    Thank you for this well-balanced and comparative portrait of Babbel. I’m glad you like it and hope you’ll keep up with learning French!

    Greetings from Berlin,

    Marvin of the Babbel-team

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