Tune for Tuesday

I am spoiling you on this week’s Tune for Tuesday because I couldn’t chose between these two songs. A double dose of musical goodness coming your way!

Air France is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden and is composed of two individuals, Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt. If you want to have the perfect sound track to a chilled out and breezy summer Air France has it all. Sadly their album is not available in the UK, which is the second time this has happened to me in one week (the other artist being Selah Sue, last weeks Tune for Tuesday); it is a good job in am going to France next month so I can exploit the EU’s music library. On a positive note, Air France do have an EP on itunes called ‘No Way Down‘.

Our second Tune for Tuesday is by the more widely known The Chemical Brothers. I first heard this on Annie Macs radio one show and had it on repeat for longer than necessary. Their latest album ‘Further‘, which includes the track below called ‘Swoon‘, is now available on itunes.

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Socially Acceptable

Socially acceptable, more like socially unacceptable. The Old Spice guy has been challenged to a duel! What was Italian Fabio thinking, no one messes with Old Spice guy.

This duel got me thinking, who will replace the Old Spice guy when he gets too old?


How many old Old Spice guys were there?

Something tells me there will be more battles to come.

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Bits & Bobs

I found a really nice blog today which I thought I’d share.

Etiquette for a Lady is a feel good blog with a few words of wisdom to help lift our day or make us think in a different way. I like quotes and sayings as you can see form my Pinterest account so this blog will be added to the collection. Do not fear gents of the world because they also have a partner blog Etiquette for a Gentleman.

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Socially Acceptable

I currently work within the e-learning industry and I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before (mind you I don’t deal with multiple languages), let me introduce Babbel.

Babbel is a subscription based learning service, unlike Rosetta Stone and various other providers where you have to buy the leaning modules out right. I’ve been trying to learn French outside of work and have been taking one e-learning lesson per day (or trying to at least). Babbel has been perfect because the subscription fees are low in cost and you have a whole community of people ready to meet you and enhance their/your learning, I’ve already got a French learning buddy who is progressing quickly with his English and helping me with French.

If any of you are learning a language, I recommend you try this first over lessons in a classroom and other software packages…oh an it’s also available as an iphone app. I’m sold.

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Wicked Wednesday

How many creatives out there have thought about this at least once?

If you answer no, then your lieing.

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Bits & Bobs

Happy 40th birthday to the classic children’s book series, Mr Men!

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News Flash

Truly saddened by the violence all over the UK. My thoughts go out to everybody affected, I hope you you are all safe and well.

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